The Only Tools you Really Need

therange-toolsIf you’ve just moved into your own home then the likelihood is that you will have to accumulate a lot of items. One of the must-have items that every homeowner really needs is a decent toolkit. This will allow them to carry out any essential repairs or maintenance as well as complete any other DIY jobs that need doing around the house. The trouble is that there are literally hundreds of different tools on the market to choose from. Do you need them all? Are some more important than others? You’ll be pleased to know that we have fomulated the ideal toolkit which should cover you for virtually anything non-specialist around the home that you need to do. All of the below can be bought from The Range whether you visit your nearest store or go online. Don’t forget that you can also get The Range voucher codes at Revouchers to save even more money on your toolkit.


20 inch Handsaw
There are plenty of various sorts of hand saws for cutting distinct matters .Pick a general purpose(worldwide) wood tool with moderate size teeth (approx.7 teeth per inch). This will not be unsuitable for most occupations. Wood and plastic. £8

16 oz. Claw hammer (16oz is fit for moderate weight beating occupations. You can purchase if needed or heavier or a lighter. Try it. If
You’re beating extremely large nails in a 20oz would be better)
Use nails to be removed by the claw side. £15

Stanley Knife
This can be the finest kind of knife. Always use a sharp blade. £4

20mm and 8mm Chisels
Used for various woodwork occupations. It is crucial to keep them quite sharp. £7 each

Junior Hack saw
For little sawing occupations in metal or wood. e.g. metal conduits, reducing window blinds to size £6

For hammering the heads of nails just before filling £2 below the surface

Useful for making and indicating little pilot holes ahead of twisting. £2.50

For marking out vital. Keep it quite sharp. (use the Stanley knife for that) £0.50

10 inch Adjustable spanner
For use with various nuts & bolts. £9

7 inch Footprint wrench
For plumbing fittings and grasping conduits £9

Mole grips
Really useful tool. It is like an adjustable spanner but clamps onto anything so it can be used by you to handle onto matters. £9

Set of screw drivers
You will want a set of 6 or 5 screwdrivers. Electricians screwdrivers are used by me. They have been great quality and come in a convenient pack of cross and slotted head. £20 Worth spending a little cash on as the suggestions on inexpensive ones often wear much more readily.

Regular pliers
For various occupations that are grasping £8

Fine nose pliers
For various fiddly occupations that are grasping £8

Cable cutters
For cutting wire etc. £8

Cable strippers
Strips the insulating material from electrical cable £8

Allen keys
For screws/bolts with a hexagonal heads £5. You’d not be aware of how many things need an allen key to slacken or tighten. E.g. some door knobs, some loo roll holders and other bathroom items.

Sealant Gun
Vital when using tubes of silicone sealant, adhesive, decorators filler, framework sealant, etc. £3. With a little practice you will get the hang of it and they will be very helpful, although some individuals find these a bit tricky to use.

Set of screwdriver bits
For effortless screwing a power drill. Particularly useful if your doing lots of twisting (e.g. decking) or removing long /heavy hard screws £10. Again stay away from the ones that are affordable as the points have a tendency to get chewed up.

Continuity & voltage tester
Electrical circuits that are examines to check if the are safe or live. The united continuity tester is excellent for checking if fuses and light bulbs are OK.The one imagined is professional quality £30 (more economical options can be found.)

A torch is priceless when your electricity goes off, or looking in shadowy corners £5

Extension Lead
I use 10 amp power rating, a 10 metre cable length. That is good for most occupations whilst isn’t overly light or bulky £7.50

Electrical Hammer Drill
Among your most significant tools. For drilling holes in quite a few substances. Bosch is a reputable make. I strongly counsel one to get one will ALL the following characteristics:

• Hammer activity (for drilling brick and concrete)
• Varying speed (as you pull the gun trigger it begins slowly then speeds up as you squeeze. This also means it is possible to put it to use for twisting and gives you much more control.
• Inverse action (so you can un screw things to)

The drill bits are held by the chuck. Traditionally these used a key to tighten up but increasingly they come with keyless chucks which makes shifting bits considerably simpler(and you can not lose the key.
I will be now using a Bosch 700 RES. It is got all the attributes I need and is strong enough to handle most occupations. Approx. £50.

You might favour a cordless drill (battery powered so no mains lead).
Should you get a cordless drill spend just as much as you are able on an excellent quality one. Inexpensive ones may not have the power to drill faithfully into surfaces that are tough. And it is advisable to get one with a spare battery if it packs up half way through the occupation so you are not caught short


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